A little about us

We are 4 friends that have worked with cutting edge technology collectively for over 100 years and realised we can put our skills to good use outside of our traditional finance domains.  We were presented a challenge by a friend in an artisan bakery to predict how much he needed to bake - turns out we were very accurate on our first pass.

We then realised we'd found something special, and tried this with another larger bakery and we experienced the same again!  We were cutting waste and helping the head bakers plan for their day with out any effort or looking over old sales data.

Fast forward 12months, and we industrialized our solution, made it bluechip scalable, and built upon the approach of giving all companies no matter what their size a solution to implement AI quickly, safely, confidently and with out any capital expenditure. 

We were spotted by Rabo Bank and they have been great advocates and partners helping us to work some of the largest manufacturers and companies we could image.

From simple ideas comes great benefit, and we hope to bring this to you all.


Day 1, Picture 1 of CatsAi's journey

   Stephen Kinns   


   Paul Staples   


   Stuart  Ware-Lane  


   Tim Cudderford