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Plug In:Predict 

Zero upfront costs  - Zero experience needed

80% more accurate  - results within 5hrs


Ai generated demand transparency between  manufacturer and retailer


Plug in and Predict - a seamless way to access the benefit of Ai

and escaping spreadsheet hell

The only true way to prove our capability is to try it. We offer a completely free 4 week experiment to demonstrate our accuracy.

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Zero cost to implement

No need for any capital investment. Simply plug in your data and the Ai gets to work.  There are no sunk costs

Zero data techies required

You don't have to have a data science or Ai experts to use our service. No extra headcount required

Results in 5 hours

We can take your data, train the Ai and produce results in 5 hours to show you what you can achieve

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Accurate and Confident

We are proven to be 98.2% accurate and consistently beat existing methods our clients use in predictions


Use as much or as little as you need to. With predictions costing in the pennies you're in control of your usage.

Safe and Secure

We never share or use your data other than for you.  All data is fully secure using the latest cloud technologies and security

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Remove the barriers to better decision making

Implementing Ai doesn't need to be complex, time consuming or expensive. We believe in frictionless access to ground breaking technology with out having to be a technologist

Supercharged demand forecasting  Focus on the decision

Our Ai based predictions enable you to focus on the decisions that need to be made and not the calculation process. Our solution continues to learn about your business and improve its accuracy, so you don't have to

Reduce Costs

Accurate predictions of what will happen enables you to better manage production levels, inventory efficiency, control waste and optimise warehouse utilization

Capture lost sales

Remove under production risk and ensure optimised probability of sale with Ai that learns your buyer's  dynamics

Reduce Working Capital

There is no capital expenditure required to implement our Ai to boost your decision making

Less time wasted

Predictions that are 80% more accurate than traditional methods instantly available for you to use in your decision making.

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Improve your supply chain performance without any incremental effort

Complement your existing demand forecasting with Ai, to reinforce decisions, explore opportunity and instantly achieve greater accuracy

What do we do

CatsAi simplifies your accesses in to Ai by removing the barriers of use, understanding and implementation. 

Expedite the benefit of Ai in your business

Start with what happened

We automatically pull in your historical and current  data (i.e. EPOS, Industry Software provider), to build a picture of your business

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Why did it happen?

The data is mixed with our internally developed AI algorithms that incorporates identified influences to your specific business. (e.g. weather, holidays, events)

Will it happen again?

Our brain goes through millions of calculations to generate sales  predictions on what it consider will happen. It then test itself and tells you how it got on.

What will happen?

You get your results specific to your business, enabling you to transform how you operate.  Easily accessible and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure


80% more accurate predictions